Texas Mediator began operation in Texas in 2017 by owner and principal, Bill Smith. Its mission is to provide conflict resolution services to the Texas community. Texas Mediator specializes in non-family related matters filed in civil court, matters not yet filed in civil court, disputes occurring in the workplace, and work place training programs specializing in conflict avoidance and resolution.


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Bill Smith brings a wide range of mediation experience and conflict resolution skill to bear when settling clients’ disputes. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and a law degree from the University of Toledo. He practiced law in Michigan. He decided to pursue what he believed was his calling, working with labor and management in the traditional blue-collar work environments of Ohio. He pursued a career in labor relations and traditional human resources related to manufacturing. He became a chief negotiator of labor agreements for Fortune 100 companies and successfully arbitrated numerous grievances with multiple unions.  He rose to become a VP of HR and eventually the Sr. VP of a Japanese owned automotive parts manufacturing company in Ohio.  His overall work and educational experience afforded him a business operational perspective, a legal perspective, an ability to relate to all levels of an organization, and an ability to get conflicts settled.    

The past 13 years while he was a Vice President of Human Resources and Senior Vice President in Ohio, he also served as the mediator for a local common pleas court (the equivalent to a district court in Texas) in southern Ohio. In that capacity, he successfully mediated over 300 disputes that dealt with a breadth of issues involving personal injury, child custody, real estate, real estate foreclosures, probate and employment disputes. As an aside, he had only one case of the 300 cases result in a trial.  

Bill Smith has received his mediation certifications in Ohio and Texas. In Ohio, he was trained and certified in a 40 hour Basic and Advanced Mediation offered by Capital University, School of Law, a 40 hour Family Mediation as required by the Ohio Supreme Court and finally an 8 hour Foreclosure Mediation program offered and conducted by the Ohio Supreme Court. In Texas, he gained his certification by successfully completing 80 hours of Basic, Advanced, and Family Mediation training as required by the State of Texas.

Bill Smith is a member of the Texas Association of Mediators, Texas Mediation Credentialing Association, and San Antonio Bar Association.

“Bill brings the perfect skill set to mediations. both sides leave satisfied with the results.”


“I have known Bill for around 3 years, great person and somebody I would be happy to refer business to.”


“Extremely knowledgable”

“Bill Smith was the mediator on a case I thought had no chance of being resolved through mediation. But I was pleasantly surprised with a good outcome. Later Bill’s name came up on another doubtful mediation. I then had hope for a second good outcome which was realized. Bill relates well to both the clients and lawyers.”