About Bill

Bill Smith, owner and principal mediator, began the Texas Mediator operation in Texas in 2017 after having a thriving mediation business in Ohio since 2004.

Bill Smith brings a wide range of mediation experience and conflict resolution skill to bear when settling client’ disputes. His mission is to provide conflict resolution services to the Texas community.

Texas Mediator specializes in disputes occurring in the workplace and workplace training programs specializing in conflict avoidance and resolution.

Bill has significant education that assists parties in the practice of mediation and arbitration:
• Bachelor of Science – The Ohio State University
• Doctor of Jurisprudence – University of Toledo
• 150 hours of specialized dispute resolution training in both Ohio and Texas
Bill’s work experience shows achievement, leadership, and hands on experience
• Practiced law in Michigan for 3 years before entering the labor relations field.
• Significant labor relations experience as a chief spokesperson, with responsibility to negotiate labor agreements representing Fortune 100 companies with their unions.

Bill has negotiated with Teamsters, Auto Workers, Steel Workers, Paper Workers, AFSME, Police and Fire unions to name a few.
• Very successfully mediated and arbitrated grievances with those same unions
• Spent 23 years with a significant Japanese owned parts supplier to the auto industry starting as a Human Resources Manager, rising to Vice President of Human Resources then to Senior Vice President of the company.
• While being the HR Vice President and Senior Vice President, Bill was also the sole mediator for the Highland County Court of Common Pleas (in Ohio) successfully mediating over 300 cases.
Through these experiences, Bill has developed significant skill and understanding of the following:
• Manufacturing operational necessity
• Workforce management
• Legal perspective in the Human Resources arena
• Ability to relate to all levels of an organization
• Ability to resolve employment disputes
• How to reduce turnover and absenteeism