About Texas Mediator

Bill Smith is principal owner, mediator and arbitrator of the firm Texas Mediator. He brings a wide range of mediation experience and conflict resolution skill to bear when settling clients' disputes. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree from the Ohio State University and a law degree from the University of Toledo. He practiced law in Michigan, was a chief negotiator of labor agreements for Fortune 500 companies and successfully arbitrated numerous grievances with multiple unions.  He became a VP of HR and eventually the Sr. VP of a Japanese owned automotive parts manufacturing company in Ohio.     

The past 13 years while he was a VP of HR and Sr. VP, he also served as mediator for a common pleas court in southern Ohio. He successfully mediated over 300 conflicts that dealt with a breadth of issues involving personal injury, child custody, real estate, real estate foreclosures, probate and employment disputes.   

Bill is certified to mediate matters in Ohio and Texas.