Why Texas Mediator?

“Texas Mediator combines 30 years of executive management experience in Human Resources and Manufacturing operational management with 15 years Mediation experience to resolve your organization’s costly, inefficient, profit robbing dispute and conflict issues.
Mediators are trained to search for the root cause of disputes then look for solutions. Mediators do not dictate solutions, but rather encourage the participants fashion their own solutions, which tend to remove the conflict over the long term. Dictated settlements just put off the real root cause of the conflict and the dispute almost always returns.
Texas Mediator knows how to settle conflict so management can spend their time dealing with issues that will increase profit. Employees will be able to put conflict behind them, concentrate on their work and improve work performance.”

“Regardless of the issue or whether it has merit under Title VII, if it is draining resources, weighing on the mind of the employee, or having a negative impact on productivity, then getting the issue out on the table, mediating it and resolving it is often the smartest and most expeditious way to ensure workforce effectiveness.”
Linda I. Workman, Vice President, Workforce Effectiveness, ConAgra Foods, Inc.
“Once the employer gets past the myth of “If we didn’t do anything wrong, we shouldn’t go to mediation” and decides to participate, the real issues in the dispute become clear. Through mediation, we have had the opportunity to proactively resolve issues and avoid potential charges in the future. We have seen the number of charges filed with EEOC against us actually decline. We believe that our participating in mediation and listening to employees’ concerns has contributed to that decline.”
Donna M. Gwin, Director of Human Resources, Eastern Division, Safeway Inc.