Why Mediation

Litigation is often costly and time consuming. For many people, Mediation is a better way to resolve disputes. Mediation is an excellent alternative to “Fighting it out in Court”

Our Approch

  • Focus on the participants needs
  • Explore alternatives to arrive at settlements
  • Resolve issues
  • Negotiate agreements

The mediator’s role is to help the parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement. The parties are part of the process which gives them a sense of control and a chance to be heard. Attorneys play an important role in dispute resolution, however they can be very time consuming and expensive.

In mediation, while attorneys are often present and provide invaluable service, resolution does not always require them to resolve the dispute. Parties need only to have an open mind and possess a good faith desire to settle the dispute.  There is never a requirement to settle if either of the parties does not believe that settlement is in his/her best interest.

If the parties have attorneys, mediation can provide an opportunity for attorneys to serve their clients better through creative problem-solving.